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Skunk Shampoo

PCE Skunk Shampoo is a mild fragrant shampoo containing ingredients scientifically developed to completely deodorize skunk odor and tomcat's spray. Money Back Guarantee.

How to Use:

To deodorize sprayed dogs, cats, etc., apply equal portions of both PCE Skunk Shampoo and warm water ONTO DRY COAT. Use enough PCE Skunk Shampoo to produce generous lather that penetrates pet's coat completely. PCE SKUNK SHAMPOO MUST CONTACT SKUNK SPRAY. When lathering is complete, bathe in lukewarm water. Reapply if necessary.

Works Instantly On: Cars, Farm Vehicles, Floors, Walls, Carpeting, Clothing, Ferrets, Any Surface that comes in contact with skunk or tomcat spray

Mix equal parts PCE Skunk Shampoo and water, spray affected areas, allowing mixture to penetrate. Leave for 10 minutes or more, rinse and reapply if necessary.


How to use cleaner

How to Use Deodorizing Cleaner and Surface Deodorizer:
Dog Runs: Use 1oz. per gallon of warm water and distribute evenly over area.
Hard Surfaces: Use 1oz. to dilute bleach for cleaning & disinfecting.
Indoor Pet Areas: Mix 1 part Surface Deodorizer (NO BLEACH) with 10 parts water and mist or spray: Drapes, carpets & pet blankets.
General Cleaning: 1 to 2 oz. per gallon of warm water for floors, walls, woodwork, any painted surface.
Heavy Duty Cleaning: Use 4 oz. per gallon of warm water.
Windows: Use 1/2 oz. per gallon of water.

Metric Conversion Help

1 Liter is about 33.814 fluid ounces
4 liters are about 135.25 ounces      1 gallon is 128 ounces
20 liters are about 676.28 ounces      5 gallons are about 640 ounces

This table is not meant to be exact, just to give you an idea of how much you are getting for your dollar.
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